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What we do

We make data simple.

System Architecture

We design systems that are built to last. Our knowledge of IaaS and cloud-based best practices gives us an edge for configuration and deployment of scalable reporting solutions.

Reporting and Analytics

Data is the new oil. Once extracted and refined, we provide your company with the tools it needs to draw the most value.

Data Science

Collecting data is one thing, learning from it is another. With our end-to-end approach to systems design we help you not only get the data you need, but help you configure the necessary machine learning and AI models.

Data Engineering meets Software Engineering

With our background in software engineering, we know how to not only stay at the forefront of data-oriented technological development, but also how to build solutions that last. With a strong focus on CI/CD, automated testing, and data management we know how to help companies build for today and the next decade of data.

Employee Profile

Will Ayd

Will Ayd

Will Ayd is the owner and founder of innobi. Will brings 15 years of experience in enterprise analytics, balanced with his contributions to open-source tools like pandas.

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